Daring Creativity Workshops, formerly known as Art for the Heart, offer a dynamic combination of collage and journaling that will allow you to connect to your own story and see how it fits into a larger Story of Worthiness, Love and Belonging. The process is simple and fun, but surprisingly revealing. You’ll be amazed at how working with images and glue sticks can elicit deep responses in your soul!

No artistic skills or experience are required. 

All you need is the willingness to let the process impact you.

The workshop includes a brief teaching, a thoughtful collaging process, time for responding to some journaling prompts, and small group discussions led by experienced facilitators.

All the materials for the day are supplied, as well as ideas for how to continue the process at home and use your collage and journal entries in your daily life.

To request a Daring Creativity event at your location, contact info@daringsoulcare.com or call (407) 342-3559.