Hosting a Daring Creativity Workshop

Daring Creativity Workshops have been used for:

  • Retreats
  • Group exploration of a topic or theme;
  • Increasing self-awareness, mindfulness and empathy;
  • Increasing authenticity in groups, ministries, or organizations;
  • Vision casting for businesses and organizations; and
  • Personal discovery and spiritual growth.

Workshops can be structured as half-day, full-day, or multi-day events.  Let’s dare to get creative and design a workshop that fits your needs!

The Process

For a full-day event, the process that we typically follow includes:

  • Welcome and ice-breaker exercise
  • A meditation using a sacred text or story
  • Background on the Daring Creativity method (history, purpose & possible outcomes)
  • “Show & Tell” about some sample collages and what they revealed to the artist
  • Demonstration of collage-making process and tutorial on how to use the tools
  • Time for participants to create collages on 5×7” illustration board using magazine images and glue sticks
  • Journaling exercise where participants are invited to “interview” one or more of their collages and  write a statement that defines the message of their collage(s)
  • Small group discussion
  • Large group ritual
  • Wrap-up and evaluations


Typically, Daring Creativity will provide:

  • Supplies for participants to use for collaging:
  • Collage cards
  • Glue sticks
  • Cutting boards
  • Scissors and exacto knives
  • Brayers
  • Images for collages
  • Teaching and large group facilitation
    • Narrative metaphor
    • Instruction in making collages
    • Assistance during collaging
    • Instruction for journaling
    • Trained facilitators for small groups (Recommended group size of 4 – 6 participants per facilitator)
  •  Marketing support:
    • PDF of a flyer with registration form for the event (host to print and distribute)
    • PDF of Journal Pages (host to provide copies)
    • PDF of Agenda and Workshop overview (host to provide copies)
    • Web page for the event (link to be provided for host to add to their website)
  • Online registration capability
  • Evaluation forms and summary report

The host would typically be asked to provide:

  • Appropriate space for large group and small group activities
  • Tables and chairs (and tablecloths if needed)
  • Registration table and workers (cash box, etc.)
  • Copies of handouts
  • Name tags and markers
  • Food, beverages, and snacks
  • Projector and screen for PowerPoint presentation
  • Promotion to the target audience/community
  • Small group assignments
  • On-site trouble-shooting
  • Set-up and clean-up
  • Scholarship policy and funds


The price for a Daring Creativity Workshop varies based on the length, venue, number of participants, hospitality considerations, and other factors.  Email info@daringsoulcare.com or call (407) 342-3559 to discuss your needs and receive a quote.